Special massage therapy is an exclusive service that merges a wide variety of relaxing and healthy therapies. From reflexology to foot massage to tantric massage, special massage therapy will relax and excite you in one session without realizing the process.

Erotic hotel massage with tantric model

In all the therapeutic modalities you have the possibility of receiving the tantric massage in a hotel or in a massage centre, so that you can do with your time whatever you want. The massage is given by beautiful professional tantric models, specialized in erotic massage.

Erotic massage school

To achieve the necessary level of excellence, all our massage models have studied in the famous school of erotic massage directed by the master of Tantra Gerard Ribó. In the courses of erotic massage, Tantra and yoga, the young models have learned the techniques of traditional massage to relax body and mind, and then the best ways to erotize and stimulate male and female sexuality.

Our staff also know about yoga hatha, meditation and spiritual techniques to empower your body, mind and soul.

The reason for the importance of the beauty of our masseurs is the willingness to offer a massage unique in the world, but also that the hands and the body that gives it is precious. But we are not satisfied with girls who are models, if they do not satisfactorily carry out the courses of the school of erotic massage, they cannot work as masseurs.

Special massage for vip clients

If you are a demanding person, who is not satisfied with something mediocre and who values quality, it is obvious that you are a VIP person. In such a case, welcome, you have found what you were looking for. Now you can relax and enjoy what you really want. You’ve probably had the chance to have an evening with a model or a very attractive young girl, but unfortunately she hasn’t been up to the task. Maybe she wasn’t a masseur, but an escort model, but she didn’t know how to massage, relax or give pleasure. Unfortunately, there are many people who write to us telling us about this kind of experience.

We are proud to be able to assure that our massage models are more than prepared by excellent massage masters, and know how to satisfy the needs of the most demanding people.

Tantric massage to hotel

All model masseurs can give special therapy in the massage center or move to give the tantric massage to the hotel. What we want is to make as easy as possible your experience of lingam massage for men or yoni massage for women.

Your masseur for erotic massage will aim to make you happy from the beginning of the session until the end. It will be a happy ending if you are left with a smile, and our girls know how to do it.

If you have any doubt with the two massages that we mentioned a moment ago, we explain them in more detail. Yo can also visit www.tantricmassageoutcall.com for more information about tantric massages.

Lingam Massage

The lingam massage is often confused with the well-known “massage with a happy ending”, but far from it, it is a tantric ritual thousands of years old. It consists in the total adoration of the male genital member, the total surrender on the part of the masseur models. The lingam massage seeks to stimulate all the points of the man’s genitals, some totally unknown by themselves.

The classic Tantra texts (called tantras) describe a wide variety of techniques and combinations for performing lingam massage. These teachings have been transmitted to our masseurs in the school of erotic massages.

The lingam ritual can includes the stimulation of the male G-spot by means of prostate massage, through a gentle anal massage. This prostate stimulation is only done if you are interested in experiencing the man’s G-spot orgasm.

Lingam massage in Barcelona

If you are visiting the capital of Catalonia, in Spain, we recommend to try a lingam massage in Barcelona, an amazing tantric pleasure.

Yoni Massage

The yoni massage is the ritual homologous to that of the linga, but for the woman. This massage stimulates the female genital area (clitoris, vagina, cervix, G spot, etc.), gently and with a progressive intensity, leading the woman to feel several orgasms and different types. Sometimes the woman reaches the G-spot orgasm or even ejaculate. Female ejaculation, which is also called squirting in some parts of the world, although it is a fairly accepted term, can cause emotional and sexual librations.

If you want to learn how to do yoni massage, visit Eros Massage School for erotic massage courses and tantric workshops.


Attention! Our erotic massage models are scarce, there are few girls who meet the conditions to become luxury masseuses, and even fewer who have the attitude to take the tantric massage courses necessary to become experts.