In Barcelona you can find everything, a mixture of traditional Catalan and Spanish culture with a modern and intelligent city. Monuments such as the Sagrada Familia or the Casa Batlló coexist with technology fairs and congresses of the level of Mobile World Crongress.

Erotic massage Barcelona

This harmony of tradition and modernity can also be seen in the erotic massages in Barcelona. Tantric wisdom that explores spirituality through pleasure merges with extremely sensual tantric massage techniques.
Tantric masseurs in Barcelona are young girls, models, with a lifestyle appropriate to today’s times, but who have been lucky enough to train with Tantra instructor Gerard Ribó. They all know the most traditional movements of tantras and the best ways to use them to increase sexual energy.

There are still shelters for the knowledge transmitted to us thousands of years ago by the yogis of India, who have travelled from masters to disciples to Europe, Spain and Barcelona. Take the opportunity to live a real tantric experience before this knowledge is lost among so much unnecessary information that surrounds us.

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Male masseurs in Barcelona

You can also find male masseurs in Barcelona who know how to satisfy women and men. Male models that do erotic massage for women and others, gay masseurs, who give massage man to man.

The special massage for women includes massage with a happy ending, but more sophisticated, i.e. the yoni ritual. This secret massage stimulates all the sacred points of the female genitals.

Massage for men includes the lingam ritual. The linga is the Sanskrit name for male genitals. In this massage you can reach the ejaculation or learn to control it to increase the time of pleasure and sensations. No matter if it is a gay massage for men or a massage given by one of the massage models, the techniques are different depending on the person.

Tantric massage for couples

If you are visiting Barcelona or live in Barcelona with your partner, we recommend that you try a couple massage with two of our masseurs. They can go to your home or hotel, if you prefer, both girl-girl and boy-girl models.

We always encourage you to contact us for any questions, but even more when it comes to massages for couples. We want each experience with us to be unique and unforgettable.


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