We are an international luxury massage agency, with exclusive tantric masseurs. We offer the best massage service and hotel massages, we are completely safe.


About us we can say that we had a dream, to offer the best erotic massage in the world. After almost ten years of experience in several international cities, that dream has come true. We have formed an exclusive team of young female models and male masseurs who have learned from the famous tantric master Gerard Ribó.

The road has been beautiful, as each satisfied customer has given us wings to continue expanding and growing. First in Spain, giving erotic massages in London, Tarragona, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Marbella, Bilbao, and later in cities such as London, Hong Kong, Singapore or New York, among others.

Professional massage models – Luxury tantra massage

We are mainly characterized by two things: our masseurs are professional models and the tantra massages they give are luxurious. Both aspects separately would already make the difference with cheap sensual massage services, but we are not satisfied with knowing that we are better, we want to create a new experience, something that has never existed, the Olympus of massage.

You can check a great example of tantric massage therapists at Art Massage Tarragona, this superb erotic massage studio provide an excellent service in Tarragona (Spain).

Masseurs, not escort models

It is important to differentiate between masseurs and escort models. First of all, the masseurs have taken tantra and tantric massage courses and hatha yoga courses with professional instructors, and are familiar with various massage techniques. Secondly, they have proven experience as therapists. However, escort models are very pretty girls who simply accompany vip men and have sex. The difference may seem subtle, but it’s not at all.

If you have any questions about massages or masseurs, please contact us through the contact section. We will advise you on the options you have and the best girls or male models in your city.

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